For more than 10 years, we’ve hosted a long weekend family BBQ gathering. Special children’s games such as Manhunt, Scavenger Hunts, Tag, and Hide and Seek all take place. Roasting marshmallows, campfire guitar sing-a-longs, corn roasts, horseshoe pits, beach volleyball, tetherball and other fun events took place eventually became regular routine. With most of us sleeping in tents and campers for many years, things have progressed to the point where the old cabins and shacks on the property have been renovated and upgraded. We decided to preserve the all natural, outdoor, off-the-grid and rustic type theme…and we now offer to share it with you and your friends and family. Starting with reclaimed century old barn beams, the frame structure of each cabin was created. From there the solid wood doors and picture frame windows were designed and installed to close in the four walled, simple, insulted, one room cabin design. As the years passed, the little finishing details of the cabins were developed. A compost toilet and a woodstove were added. Solar panels and a wind generator charge the battery bank and power these cabins sufficiently enough to run the few lights, power a radio and run the compost toilet. 

  • JECARA FARMS' Raven Cabin is located high on the Oak Ridge Moraine.

  • A hidden treasure overlooking a 25 acre wetland area. Enjoy the smells and sounds of frogs, ducks, geese and even the odd swan amongst the other wildlife.

  • We offer short- and long-term guests to stay in our fully furnished Studio Apartment located on the upper floor within our large Shed.

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